Sunday, March 29, 2009

Be punctual!!

If you're battling chronic lateness, there is hope. According to the experts, you can avoid procrastination and tardiness by changing your habits and tweaking your routines. Here are some things you can do to turn lateness into punctuality.

• Acknowledge that you are a person who is having a hard time being punctual.
• Be conscious of the time
• Wake up when you're supposed to wake up
• Commit yourself to being 15 minutes early for everything
• Bring something you can read in short segments almost everywhere you go.
This makes it easy to be early, since in the 10-15 minutes you have before
an appointment/event
• Re-examine how long your daily tasks really take
• Watch yourself for a few days to see where you often waste the most time
• Make a note of where you should be in regards to time.
• Keep organized.
• Plan ahead.
• Plan ahead Schedule something unimportant right before something very
• Go to sleep on time. This makes it a lot easier to get up on time and helps
you stay on task during the day

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